Thursday, September 15, 2016

Liquor Lights - Easy Outdoor Solar Lights

I love to reuse and recycle lots of things, and I always find a use for glass jars. After throwing a few parties in the last year, I had I gorgeous tequila and other liquor bottles that I saved. Just waiting to find an idea on how to reuse them...

Then as I was replacing/repairing my outdoor solar lights, it occurred to me that I could stick the  plastic solar tops on my pretty jars and bottles.

All sorts of glass bottles will work for this project. At first, I wanted to do only the "fancy" bottles. Then I came to really like just the 2 liter Vodka bottles with a handle.  I like all the different heights and sizes too.

Step 1:
Have a nice collection of bottles ready. Remove labels (I soak in soapy water and then use a knife to scrape the last bits).

Step 2:
Unpackage your solar lights. Take the top off the lights, where the light bulb is. Remove any protective covering over the solar panel, and make sure it is turned on. Put it in the sunlight, solar panel up, while you work.

Step 3: Place the solar tops on the mouth of the bottles.

Step 4: Wait for it to get dark!


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  1. I knew there was another way to use these little solar lights. Thanks for posting Amber