Friday, July 31, 2015

Copper Floor Lamp Redo with Spray Paint

Mom and I bought this floor lamp 20+ years ago and a yard sale. I've always found a little place for the lamp wherever I've lived, it's functional but not very exciting. 

I wanted to keep it metallic and settled on a pretty copper.

To start, I cleaned the lamp up and then gave it a light sanding. There was no turning back now, since the sanding scratched up the surface.

The base of the lamp is black and was a bit beat up, so I gave it a fresh coat of black spray paint too. Then I used a can of Krylon Copper Brilliance spray paint. I had to shop around a bit to find this new color, but thankfully Amazon has it!

The lamp turned out great, and the new color looks much better with my color scheme than the old chrome did. It really gave the old lamp a new life! I also took a plain basket and did a "dipped" paint effect on it with the copper spray paint.

Tape all the electric sources

Supply List:

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Ultimate Nerf Arsenal

 My house is filled with boys, and while they have been through a lot of toys,  Nerf has been a tried and true favorite. So we have A LOT of Nerf! Recently my youngest son has started customizing his Nerf with nice paint jobs, so we want to do a better job of caring for them.  

BEFORE: Basically all the Nerf were thrown in a large plastic tub. Small parts sorting to the bottom and potentially lost forever. 

AFTER: We used a tall bookshelf with the shelves removed and the back replaced with pegboard to display the best Nerf. A overdoor hanging shoe organizer was used for all the odds and ends. We stored the ammo and magazines on a nearby bookshelf in cute tins.

Nerf Arsenal
We got the bookshelf for free on FreeCycle. It was pretty flimsy, but the added pegboard from Home Depot helped make it more sturdy. It fits nicely into exactly the same spot of as the old plastic tub.
Spring mounted curtain rod with S-Hooks holds the larger Nerf
Custom painted Nerf
 Now my son can show off his custom painted Nerf guns!

The Shoe Organizer was such a simple idea, but works perfectly! There are so many random things to hook onto the nerf and small guns, that this makes a great place for all the odds and ends.
Shoe organizer used for Nerf storage 
$12 Shoe Organizer from Target holds all the odds and ends

Ammo Storage
Ammo and Clips go on near by book shelf. I Modge Podged a few coffee tins to store the bullets in. 

So now we have the ultimate Nerf arsenal!

Monday, July 20, 2015

How To Clean Your Kicks (Shoes)

I have a few pairs of Converse that I love, but they are a few years old, well used and looking pretty beat up. I decided use a Magic Eraser on them and it worked perfectly! 

I like to cut off a smaller piece of the Magic Eraser and wet it. Then rub it on the white rubber areas of the shoe. Immediately all the dirt, grime and stains came off! As you can see, my shoes look almost new!

I love the black Converse All Stars, they go with everything. But I have them in a few other fun colors too.