Monday, March 23, 2015

The Goldfinch Dream Casting

The Goldfinch is being made into a movie (or is it a mini-series?) and I can't wait. This is a great book, intense with lots of layers and a big story to tell. I'm so obsessed with The Goldfinch I have created a Pinterest Board and am hosting a book club with my girlfriends to discuss it!

Usually by the time I read a book this popular, it has already been made into movie and is coming out shortly, but not this one. The book covers a large timeline, from a 13 year old Theo to his mid-twenties. So Theo, Boris, Pippa would have to be played by young and older actors.

The story moves from New York City prep school, to the deserted suburbs of Las Vegas, back to New York City with a lot of time in an Amsterdam hotel at the end. Even in posh settings, like a 5th Ave townhouse with great works of art, there is a very seedy undertone and drug use is everywhere.

It hasn't been cast yet, so here is our chance to pick our cast!

Theo - Theo Decker is a tough one. I imagine him, tall and lean (because he never eats), with long brownish hair in his eyes. Adorable and evokes a motherly response from everyone he meets. He has a restlessness and self loathing you have to believe, but mostly he is vulnerable. Hunter Parrish would be good, but you might have to scrub some of the handsomeness off of him for this. Or Ian Harding.

Boris - Dane Dehaan would make a great well travelled, wired up Russian teen/young adult. Loved him in In Treatment. He looks like a young Leonardo DiCaprio, and like Boris, it seems trouble would follow him everywhere.

Kitsey - Mia Wasikowska is perfect for the society ice princess with a few secrets of her own.

Larry Decker (Theo's Dad) - A washed up actor who has moved from alcoholic to pill addict gambler, who the ladies love.. ummm Jon Hamm please! He can play dirty and mean, as well as charming. Matt Dillon would be good too.

Mrs. Barbour - Blonde high society charity dame has Robin Wright written all over it. She is warm and fragile in the end, and Robin could play both off.

Pippa - Pippa one is a hard one, and of course the redhead of the moment is the obvious choice. Someone quirky and not obviously a beauty. Australian actress Sarah Snook is one that comes to mind.

Kotju - Wouldn't Kristen Stewart with black stringy hair be great as Boris's strung out high school love interest? Maybe she's too old (and she is older than all the other kids)... but I love idea of her in this role.

Who do YOU see as Andy, Theo's Mom, Hobie, Welty, Xandra and the rest of the characters?

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Faux Sequined Bag

I love the idea of adding a little sparkle to my wardrobe! But not too much, you know? Recently I've seen really nice sequined straw bags on the arms of elegant looking women and thought I'd like to give that a try.

I picked up a straw bag at Target for $3 and knew this would be the perfect piece to try out my idea on. Instead of sequins, which take a lot of work, I opted for glitter.

Supplies: * Straw or Canvas bag or tote
* Painters Blue Tape
* Old newspapers
* Fabric Glue
* Fine Glitter
How To:
1. Use painters blue tape to make a line around the area you want glittered.

2. Use a small brush to generously coat the area with glue. You may want to work in sections to keep glue wet.

3. While holding over the old newspaper, and while the glue is still wet, cover glue with glitter.

4. Once dry, shake the bag (while over the newspaper) to removed any unglued glitter. Fold the news paper in half, catching the glitter and return it to the glitter jar.

5. Spread a generous layer of glue on top of the glitter area and edges, using the brush. This will seal in the glitter, so you don't leave a glitter trail behind you!