About Amber & Karen

I'm Amber, an avid crafter and Karen's youngest daughter. I live in Silicon Valley with my high tech hubby and my two little men. I used to be a software developer myself, but I ditched it all to be home with the kids! I asked my Mom to start MishMashers with me as way to share our love of redoing basically everything!

I love to use spray paint, rehab old furniture, repurpose jars, glitter small things, decorate for parties and hang out with my boys. Reduce, reuse and recycle... as long as you can spray paint it or fancy it up a bit.

MishMashers is dedicated to my sister Misha who passed away recently. I look for ways every day to celebrate her life and keep her beautiful spirit with me. Mom and I miss her everyday. She would have loved to blog with us and show us her super cool projects.

I also blog at Me & Jorge where I documented my 54lb weight loss.


Hi, So this is a pretty big deal and so exciting to be creating a blog with my amazing daughter Amber.  My name is Karen and I’ve been creating, making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear as my own mom would say, since forever.  My first memorable project was making a clothing hamper for daughter Misha when she was only 2.  I had scraps of fabric, contact paper and some plywood on hand…and oh yes a box of Kotex for padding the fabric covered lid.  And what do you know, I was amazed that I had created this cute little clothes hamper.

Amber is the youngest of 3 daughters and I also have a son.  I’m not sure if I passed on my love to see what I could do with something most people would consider trashing, but Amber definitely has the “bug!”

I do upholster after taking multiple classes just  to get it right, but I also adore painted furniture.  Amber and I both like paint, but we also both try to expose some of the beauty of the wood in our projects.  I have a couple of tool boxes that are off limits to my husband and that I guard with my life.  Really!  I love to challenge women to show them that tools of all kinds can be their friend and with a little practice they can take pride in making, building, repurposing…and it won't take long before they too are hooked.  My best rule of thumb for my projects, when in doubt , please do not throw it out.  Food of course is an exception.  Throw it in a drawer marked miscellaneous craft projects.

So come along with us on our MishMash journey.  And if you have a daughter, or a mom, or a best friend, think about sharing (Blogging) about things you like to do together that might encourage other women to pick up a hammer, or a saw, or an upholstery gun,  your best home grown recipes, or a shovel/trowel and landscape/gardening ideas and get Blogging!!

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