Thursday, November 20, 2014

Repurposed Altoid Tins

I love reusing and repurposing old coffee and altoid tins. The Altoid Tins make great gift card holders! Imagine including your next birthday or Christmas gift card in one of these! But I also like to use them as emergency kits to carry your purse or child's backpack. Include a few band-aides, safety pins, ear plugs, ear buds etc.

In the picture, two of the tins I have Modge Podged and covered with paper. The yellow chevron I printed myself and added my initials, which would make for a great personalized gift. The red chevron I used wrapping paper. Both I hand painted the top edge with craft paint, since wrapping the paper over the edge would have prevented the tin from closing properly.

For the Glittered Tin, I first spray painted it. When dry, I then covered the lid with a watered down glue and glitter. I did a few layers and then when complete dry, I covered with just the watered down glue. That will prevent the glitter from falling off.

I love these little tins!
Before and Afters

I save tins of all tins for projects and will be covering a few more projects for cookie and tea tins soon, so check back.

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